This month we welcome Sashaino to Coalesce as

the newest member of our content team.

Sasha has a thriving community on Twitch that she has grown over the past 12 months. You can typically find Sasha playing CS:GO or you might catch her taking part in a quiz night with her friends and chat. 

We were keen to bring Sasha on board because of our ethos and how Sasha aligns with our values here at Coalesce. 

“Joining Coalesce is a huge and exciting step for me. I never expected to get to this point and Coalesce has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, as well as represent an awesome brand. I’ve already had a bunch of fun experiences with Coalesce and I’m super hyped for what’s to come. <3” – Sashaino

We are really excited for what Sasha can bring to Coalesce with her experience and charisma. Stick around for further updates.

– The Coalesce Team




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