Rainbow Six: Siege Roster Update: Welcome to Coalesce, Nixon and Divided!

We are excited to announce that Nixon and Divided, both formerly of PG Nationals side Team Hmble, will be joining our Rainbow Six: Siege roster to round out our line-up heading into the second split of the R6 Northern Premier League Season.

The completed line-up is as follows below:

Lewis “Divided” Jones
Aiden “Nixon” Nixon
Adam “KaneB” Bruckner
Zeno “Zeus” Van de Seijp
Noah “NoaUrz” Rodriguez Urwitz
Dylan “Dulan” Jackson – Coach
Huba “Hubaaa” Csicsics – Analyst

Director George “Fradd3rs” Fradley commented on the updated roster

“I’m super excited to be welcoming 2 new additions to our Rainbow Six roster! Nixon brings a lot of experience at a national level and brings a new philosophy to our game whereas Divided is an upcoming talent with a huge amount of potential. Hopefully with this new UK angle of the scene we can get some much needed points in NPL and catch the rest of the pack up a spot in the playoffs!”

Coalesce Director George Fradley

Our new additions will be making their debut later today at 18:30 BST / 19:30 CEST as we take on Pretorian Esports in the Playlix Championship with the second split of the R6 Northern Premier League beginning on Tuesday the 14th June as we take on Riddle Esports.

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