Welcome to Coalesce Xmisswatson

As you saw in our last post (Welcome to Coalesce Raine_X) we have expanded our Content Team with not 1, but 2 creators. Welcome Emma, or as you may know her, xMissWatson.

When we look for creators to join us we don’t just look at the content they make, but how they will fit within our teams. We knew very quickly that Emma was just the kind of person we were looking for.

When Coalesce approached me to become an addition to their content team, I was shocked and honestly flattered. I had heard about gaming orgs like your typical Faze and Fnatic but had no idea what they really involved. I couldn’t really grasp that an org saw potential in my little crazy space on the internet. I’m not known for my accuracy nor impressive skills – if anything the complete opposite. Joining Coalesce has been such a blast despite this, I’m allowed full creative freedom and they’ve all been so welcoming. I can’t wait to see what we produce together for the rest of the year. Watch this space! – xMissWatson

You will likely find Emma playing CS:GO or playing community games such as Marbles & Words on Stream with her community. And depending on how crazy she is feeling you may even find her eating some crazy food that her viewers picked for her (ask her about the birthday pizza).

We love the energy that Emma brings to the organisation and we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned.

– The Coalesce Team



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