Coalesce announces partnership with Decanect

Today we are delighted to announce that Coalesce will be partnering with Decanect moving into 2023.

Here at Coalesce we believe that being at the forefront of technology is crucial to the success of our business, so partnering with Decanect was a no brainer.

We are very excited to partner with Coalesce a cutting edge brand paving the way for competitive gaming in the UK. We are committed to bridging the gap between “conventional” gamers and raising awareness for consumption of Web3 games – Decanect

We love the work that the team over at Decanect are doing in the education space in what is one of the worlds fastest growing spaces.

I’m delighted that we have partnered with Decanect, their platform provides fantastic educational tools for users to learn about Web3 investing – Coalesce Director Samuel Nevin

We can’t wait to see how this partnership will benefit our teams and community.

The Coalesce Team

Decanect Platform
Decanect Twitter
Decanect YouTube

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