Coalesce Announces Acquisition of 1pin – Counter Strike

During Coalesce’s inception, We all agreed with our combined expertise and experience within the title of Counter Strike Global Offensive; this is where we saw the most potential to raise our profile and create a reputation for Coalesce. We knew it was where our strengths and our previously combined communities were situated. Coalesce has always battled through adversity to show the critiques that we are a force to be reckoned with in esports. Although we may have fewer resources than our competitors, we know how to navigate the CSGO talent.

After an intense period of scouting through upcoming players and established rosters, only one team ticked every box for us. Over the past few months, we spent a long time reevaluating Coalesce and understanding where we should focus our next endeavor; every conversation within the management team decided on the same point. For Coalesce to be a successful brand before we branch out internationally, we have to ensure our roots are fully cemented —We have gained such a loyal UK fanbase. We are privileged with everything they do to allow Coalesce to be a success! With that being said, we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited acquisition of 1Pin, which consists of, Tobias’ shyyne’ Sæther, Oliver’ leaf’ Jackson, Kristian’ Krs7N’ Mladenov, Ryan’ dox’ Young & Oscar’ AZUWU’ Bell, along with their coach, Sam’ Wilksyy’ Wilks.

Coalesce Director Samuel Hollinrake had the following to say:
We are extremely excited to welcome the team to Coalesce, after a long break from us in CSGO we finally have our return and our return to UK Esports. I can say everyone here is happy with the move and that we have really high expectations of where we believe we can push the roster to in the future.

We are excited about the future and potential of this team and can’t wait to see how they perform under the Coalesce banner.

See you on the server.

Team Coalesce | #StrongerTogether

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